whole fish

A Fish Story

There once was a girl who hated fish. Here my friends is the reason why…

I was at my grandmother’s house one time. This was around the age of 6 yrs old. I was eating fish for dinner and it had some bones but I kept eating it. Unfortunately, a bone got stuck on the side of my throat. I tried everything to remove it, from drinking water to throwing up. I spend a whole month like this and it was bothering me very much. Eventually, it was gone but I stopped eating fish just because of that incident. I hated fish for years. When my family would have dinner and there was fish, I would always eat something else.

They always told me that eating fish helps you live longer.

Ahhh! Sure! I guess I won’t live long at all…

a fish story
I can’t stop eating it now. 🙂

Well, all that changed two years ago when my mother took me to a Chinese Buffet and explained to me that the fish there was just fillet, no bones, all meat. I still hesitated, scared I tried a piece. I checked for bones even though a fillet doesn’t have any. I liked it so much. It was delicious! Since then I’ve been eating fish but as long as is just fillet. I do not eat cooked whole fish. Nowadays I like eating my fish fillet with lots of vegetables, white rice, and sweet plantains.


What type of food do you hate the most?

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small eyes

The Girl with Small Eyes

My mother told me a little story the other day about me.

When I was around 3 or 4 yrs old I was sitting in my rocking chair all dressed up. She came up to me, smiled and said, “Hi baby! Did you took a bath?” I would say yes to her with a big smile and my eyes would just disappear.

Since I was little I never understood why I have small eyes. Some family members have them and others don’t.  My mother doesn’t have them and neither does my father. Oh, and of course I am a hundred percent sure I’m not adopted.

The thing is that every time I smile or laugh you can’t see my eyes. Just two little lines like mom always said, plus a dimple on each side of my cheeks. Well, it never really bothered me but the more I started growing people noticed and they either think I look cute like that or just make fun of me. Yes, we are talking about adults here. It never happened when I was in school.

I have been called squinty little eyes, people ask me to open my eyes or asked if I can see when I’m laughing or smiling. There are times when I’m watching or reading something on my phone with my head hanging down people would pass by and tell me to wake up. I tell them I’ve been awake and they just simply say that they saw my eyes closed. It might not be much of a big deal but this sometimes gets me in trouble at work. I could be just writing something on a paper and my head is like that and someone would call me out. I’ll defend myself but they wouldn’t believe it.

I find it wrong for people to be doing that. It’s called “Bullying” to me. Whether you have small or big eyes, they are beautiful just like you.

Let’s do something… Starting today when you see someone with small eyes go ahead and give a nice compliment about their eyes. Don’t let them hear constant negativity about their eyes from others.

That is all, for now, my awesome people. I hope you have a lovely day or night wherever you live around this world. 🙂


Disclaimer: The photo above is not mine nor is me. The photographer is unknown. Any photos that are mine will have a watermark.