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A Fish Story

There once was a girl who hated fish. Here my friends is the reason why…

I was at my grandmother’s house one time. This was around the age of 6 yrs old. I was eating fish for dinner and it had some bones but I kept eating it. Unfortunately, a bone got stuck on the side of my throat. I tried everything to remove it, from drinking water to throwing up. I spend a whole month like this and it was bothering me very much. Eventually, it was gone but I stopped eating fish just because of that incident. I hated fish for years. When my family would have dinner and there was fish, I would always eat something else.

They always told me that eating fish helps you live longer.

Ahhh! Sure! I guess I won’t live long at all…

a fish story
I can’t stop eating it now. 🙂

Well, all that changed two years ago when my mother took me to a Chinese Buffet and explained to me that the fish there was just fillet, no bones, all meat. I still hesitated, scared I tried a piece. I checked for bones even though a fillet doesn’t have any. I liked it so much. It was delicious! Since then I’ve been eating fish but as long as is just fillet. I do not eat cooked whole fish. Nowadays I like eating my fish fillet with lots of vegetables, white rice, and sweet plantains.


What type of food do you hate the most?

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