15 thoughts on “I’ve always like quiet people…

    1. No. Its a theme from WordPress. It’s called Penscratch. I really like it because is especially for writing. But next week I might change it to a better one because of the style. It’s minimalistic too. 😊


        1. Wow that’s so kind of you. I would be really grateful if you can suggest a theme for me I will be really grateful.

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        2. This is what I recommend for themes. Its for writing. Pick one that you like and customize it. Free: Button 2, *Penscratch 2, Libre 2, Libretto, Scrawls, Tonal, Syntax. Paid: Olsen, Halves, Attache, Rosalie, Janice, Moka. Go to: wordpress.com/themes.


        3. Wow thank you so much dear. You are so kind. Thank you for taking time to do this for me. Yes I will look at these themes.


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