Good Luck!

Good luck on everything that you

will accomplish in life.

Good luck on learning to really love

and on learning not to lie.

Good luck on fixing your mistakes

because you were the one who created

them in the first place.

Good luck on mending hearts because

you break them in pieces and have torn us apart.

Good luck fighting for the woman

you love because you like to stand there and

watch her go.

Good luck on showing who you really are

because you don’t like to show the feelings

you have deep inside your heart.

Good luck on your new love and this is

the truth, because from what I see she’s

the only one in love with you.


© alostgirlandherpen

2017 New Year’s Resolution 

I love when people have New Year’s Resolutions. A lot of people do not even complete any of these goals.  I don’t understand why do people make goals and then give up. I personally do not like to make New Year’s Resolutions unless I’m 100 % sure I will complete it. I rather not make any promises nor bets. Now if you complete your resolutions this year then I’ll be proud of you. 😊

Go show everyone you can do it.😎